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Electric Vehicle

Training Programme

Actioning Policy

Electric Vehicle

Training Duration

Tailored according to specific course

Target Training Group

Identified groupings of Local Authority staff across any functional areas.

Course Description

These tailored training courses will be designed to provide participants with specific/custom training and development in response to identified learning needs and embed climate considerations across all functions and activities, in response to evolving climate and environmental legislation and policy and to meet the strategic and corporate objectives of local authorities.

These courses provide an opportunity to further explore particular focus areas to enhance and broaden the knowledge base of participants on climate change and climate action, ensure continued policy alignment and to augment performance on climate action across all functions and activities of the local authority.

Course Aims/Objectives

A tailored training course is designed to meet specific knowledge or skills gaps or needs and requirements in the area of climate change or climate action identified across the functional areas of local authorities.

The type of training, course aims/objectives, topics, course duration, target training group(s) and method of delivery will be established and set in collaboration with relevant training stakeholders.

For 2021 the CAROs are developing the folloing training under Pillar 6

This will be facilitated by the Climate Action Regional Office (CARO).