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Case Study:

Carbon Credits Project



Dublin City Council recognises that while emissions from flights are a small element of the carbon emissions of the City Council, they are a major contributor worldwide to climate change. Dublin City Council is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors. Consequently, to demonstrate exemplary leadership and to offset aviation travel of staff, the Council is working with an Irish NGO, Vita, to offset its carbon emissions from its business flights. The City Council is the first local authority in Ireland to partner with Vita on their Vita Green Impact Award, which won the Environmental Finance 2018 Award for best individual carbon offset project. Vita invested €2m in eco stoves, the repair of pumps, and solar lights in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The use of these stoves reduces local deforestation by 60%. Every tonne of carbon saved generates a carbon credit that can then be sold. Vita calculated the carbon footprint of all Dublin City Council business flights taken in 2017 and 2018, and the Council subsequently purchased credits to offset these emissions.


The solution that Dublin City Council adopted to offset carbon emissions generated from business air travel is the first of its kind by a local authority nationally.

Benefits of solution

The Council has offset approximately 250 tonnes of CO2 over the past two years, directly impacting on the lives of people that are at the front line of the impacts of climate change.

This programme costs the Council approximately €1,350.

The benefits of this voluntary emissions trading arrangement extend beyond just the cancellation of the Council’s CO2 emissions. The scheme is also a model of climate justice. It reduces eye and lung disease in the many families who now use eco stoves; they reduce the heavy burden of cutting and carrying firewood by women and girls, allowing girls in many instances to attend school and study; and, they promote sustainable industries in Ethiopia and Eritrea in the manufacture of stoves. They deliver on specific United Nations Sustainable Development targets and indicators relating to energy, water and health (Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6 and 7).

Project Details:

It is intended that Dublin City Council will continue with this partnership on an ongoing basis.
Further information
Local authority project contact
Céline Reilly
Executive Manager
Dublin City Council