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Cork City Council's switch to Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet

Case Study:

Cork City Council's switch to Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet


Cork City Council operates approx. 280 items of plant in its service delivery to the people of Cork City.  These traditional vehicles, vans, trucks, etc consume fossil fuels, mainly diesel.  Six years ago, Cork City Council invested in four Electric Vehicles (EVs) on a trial basis.  They proved very successful and now opportunities for expansion are being considered.   



The trialling of four EVs demonstrated to Cork City Council that they are both effective and energy efficient vehicles for service delivery and concluded that EVs should be further introduced into the council’s fleet.  As a result, 76 additional EVs are being introduced to the fleet.  They will make up approx. 28% of the total fleet number.
Benefits of solution

The deployment of 76 Electric Vehicles will reduce the City Council’s reliance on fossil fuel by approx. 110,000 litres of diesel per year.  As the vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, CO2 and Carbon will be reduced by 270 tonnes annually.  Noise pollution will also be reduced.  The running costs of the electric vehicles will be approx. 30% of a diesel vehicle.  The deployment of these vehicles demonstrates that EV are viable within local authority fleets.
The switch over to EVs in local authority fleets demonstrates leadership by the sector in moving away from its reliance on fossil fuels.  Thereby reducing carbon emissions by the sector and contributing significantly to Climate Action targets.
Reduced carbon emissions reduce air and noise pollution, particularly in urban areas.  This has knock on positive effects for human health and benefits wildlife.     

Project Details:

Cormac O'Sullivan
Cork City Council