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Use you mug Galway City

Case Study:

Use your Mug Campaign

Use you mug Galway City


Galway City Council and 2GoCup are launching a major new environmental campaign to dramatically reduce single use coffee cups in Galway City. 

For a 3 month trial period, 10 Cafes will not sell any drinks in single use cups and instead sell drinks exclusively in reusable 2GoCups. 

In return, they will each receive a total of 1,400 cups free from Galway City Council and 2GoCup. 


10 coffee shops around the city have been selected as shops where users can exclusively bring their 2GoCups and offering discounts to those who bring their resusable mugs.  


Benefits of Solution:

The campaign has received social media buzz due to its life size mug at the Claddagh in Galway City.  

From a survey carried out by Galway City Council, 81% of respondents were found to already own a resuable mug. This shows the movement away from disposable cups and opportunity to convince the other cohort of drinkers to follow suit.  

This is a habitual campaign meaning once users frequently bring their coffee cup to the local cafe they are very likely to keep doing so. 

The campaign also aligns with Government’s Waste Action Plan which details Ireland’s ambition to lead EU efforts on dealing with disposable coffee cups, through the introduction of a latte levy and an eventual ban on disposable coffee and cold drinks cups.  

Further Information:

 The 9 cafés taking part in the trial are: Mocha Beans,Salthill; Mocha Beans, Cross Street; Mocha Beans, Newcastle Road; Temple Café, St. Augustine Street; The Creamery, Salthill; Rouge, Dominic Street; Ces’t la Vie, Terryland; Anton’s, Fr. Griffin Road; Greens & Co, Henry Street.  

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Project Details: