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Delivering Sustainability through Sports

Case Study:

Delivering Sustainability through Sports

Project Details:


As sport around the world feels the effects of increased carbon emissions, warming atmosphere and extreme weather, sport offers a unique platform to engage clubs and communities around the key environmental, social and economic issues.


With Ireland committed to meeting climate action targets required by the United Nations and Paris Agreement, Meath LSP will be the first Local Sports Partnership in Ireland to develop a county-wide sustainability programme.

In addition to helping Meath clubs operate sustainably, a core vision for the initiative will be to educate and inspire their people, particularly children, around positive, healthy behaviours.
The initiative has been planned across a three-year period, with several key milestones over the next year:
  • Official campaign launched later this month (Nov 22).
  • ‘Sustainability & Sport’ symposium at Navan’s Solstice Centre (Saturday 28 January 2023), engaging Meath’s sports clubs and stakeholders around sustainability.
  • Select ‘Innovator’ clubs taking part in a 12-month pilot programme, to help identify and develop a ‘sustainability toolkit’ for use across the county.

Benefits of Solution

This initiative aimed at promoting sustainability through the county’s grassroots sports clubs.