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Dodder and Santry Rainscapes

Case Study:

Dodder and Santry Rainscapes


Pollution on roadways gets washed into gullies and then into the nearest water course. This pollutes the local rivers and lowers their water quality level. Dublin City Council want to investigate possible solutions to reduce this pollution from roadways getting into the rivers, using green infrastructure methods.



Dublin City Council are looking at 9 pilot sites in the Dodder and Santry catchments, to trial different green infrastructure methods to treat the road runoff before it enters the rivers. The performance of the green infrastructure measures will also be monitired to establish how effective they are at treating road runoff pollutants. 

Benefits of Solution 

The benefits of using green infrastructure is that it can treat pollutants before they enter the river or water course. This will improve the water quality in the local river. They also slow the flow of water to the river, which will reduce flood events. They create a biodiversity friendly environment which can improve the amenity value of the space. They are also an adaption measure for climate change. Once the pilots are completed, Dublin City Council hope to rollout successful methodologies to many other locations in the City Council and elsewhere.

Project Details:

This project is at pre-planning stage.
Public consultation is starting  on the 15th and 17th of June.
Further details available here 

Dublin City Council 
See website here