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Case Study:

Local Energy Masterplan



In December 2015, the Government approved the designation of lands at Clonburris as a site for the establishment of a SDZ.

The Clonburris Strategic Development Zone Draft Planning Energy Masterplan (September 2017), was prepared by South Dublin County Council with the help of SEAI funding to support the energy master planning for the scheme.. It comprises an overarching energy strategy for the Clonburris SDZ lands. In addition, it incorporates an energy demand mapping exercise and, through an economic appraisal, a detailed comparison of energy provision regarding viability, energy supply, and emissions.

Key objectives of the Energy Masterplan are to:

  1. provide an overarching energy strategy for the site and identify discrete project opportunities;
  2. consider the site as a stand-alone community in the first instance, but also consider opportunities for integration with neighbouring developments;
  3. demonstrate best practice and a future-proof design, while taking account of crucial economic viability factors;
  4. clearly illustrate the develop ment of an evidence base and analysis of the energy provision options from which planning policy can be updated, and against which future planning applications can be assessed; and,
  5. demonstrate the innovative use of an energy master planning process as an exemplar for other developments in Ireland.


It is anticipated that by 2020 all new buildings in Clonburris will be required to be constructed to the NZEB standard, in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU.

The modelling and economic appraisal carried out as part of the Energy Masterplan demonstrates that the economic viability of local heat networks could be favourable at the two urban centres planned under the planning scheme.

To accommodate infrastructure associated with the local heat network, the Energy Masterplan and the planning scheme identify that energy centres would be required in the Clonburris and Kishoge urban centres with a level of flexibility regarding location, i.e., as individual stand-alone buildings, as part of a larger block, or at basement level.

Benefits of Solution

Expected benefits of the Energy Masterplan include a reduction in household CO2 emissions for the development and increased public health through improved air quality.

It is expected that households will save money on heating costs.

Project Details:

Commencement date to be confirmed.

Further information

Local authority project contact

  • South Dublin County Council Architects Department
  • South Dublin County Council Planning Department