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Sustainable Energy Community Outreach

Case Study:

Sustainable Energy Community Outreach


Meath County Council was approached by Batterstown Sustainable Energy Community to partner with it to progress its energy masterplan given that the group did not have financial resources or procurement expertise to appoint energy consultants to deliver the plan. After engagement with the Sustainable Energy Community, Meath County Council considered it an exemplar initiative, which could share its story and experience with others and set a high but realistic standard for other Sustainable Energy Community groups. A Sustainable Energy Community launch was planned for the 6th June 2019 with a view of showcasing its work and to encourage other potential groups into the system. The SEAI and Future Fits (mentors) also participated in the event.


The event was expanded to include climate action and to reinforce the Council’s climate action message of ‘BUY LOCAL FOR CLIMATE ACTION’. Several local energy suppliers, EV dealerships, local food producers, and climate-friendly or sustainable businesses were invited to attend the event. The event consisted of two parts: first, a display area highlighting the products and services as outlined above; and second, the official launch of the Sustainable Energy Communities in Meath.

Several food producers provided free samples and catering was also supplied using locally sourced foods. The addition of food was well received and helped to reinforce the ‘buy local’ element. The launch event included an opening address by Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive of Meath County Council, and presentations were made by Caroline Corrigan of Meath County Council, Gavin Harte of Future Fit, Gillian Gannon of SEAI and the Batterstown Sustainable Energy Community group.

Benefits of solution

The event encouraged public engagement and delivery of the climate action and Sustainable Energy Community message. It also facilitated knowledge sharing of both the Sustainable Energy Community process and climate action, and allowed potential groups to talk directly with the Batterstown community group. It also had the benefit of raising climate awareness with Meath County Council staff. This event also acted as a trial run for the Council’s Climate Action Strategy launch events where the climate action team will bring similar events to its six municipal districts.

Project Details:

This was an afternoon event from 3.30 – 7.00pm, taking approximately two weeks to organise.
Local authority project contact
Caroline Corrigan
Senior Executive Engineer
Waste Enforcement and Climate Action
Meath County Council