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My Waste

Case Study:

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My Waste


During 2017, significant challenges faced Ireland’s waste sector including: the closure of the Chinese markets to Irish exporters of recyclable material; high levels of contamination presenting in segregated waste collected at kerbside; confusion on what material was accepted for recycling; and, the continued and increasing use of single use items within Irish society.

The need to engage with the general public and provide clear, consistent information was recognised as critical to address the existing challenges, as was the need to connect stakeholders with their audience, promote policy, progress waste targets and prepare for future challenges. To address these issues, a source of information was required – a ‘one stop shop’ for all waste queries in Ireland. From this need, the MyWaste initiative was conceived.

Solution – Ireland’s Official Guide to Waste Management was developed to provide a trusted source of information for Irish residents (Figure 1). Not only was the provision of a relevant and accurate waste-based information portal an integral component of the work undertaken, but it was imperative that the presentation of material was clear and visually appealing, thus encouraging and enabling citizens to actively engage in more
sustained waste practices, foster behavioural change, and contribute to carbon reduction. contains detailed Irish-based content on waste management, resource use, and the circular economy, in addition to maps, videos, blogs, and news, and is continuously monitored and updated. A strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also enhances the levels of engagement of

Figure 1: Waste disposal resources –

Benefits of solution

Environmental – as the trusted waste information portal in Ireland – can have a significant impact on the Irish public as society faces many challenges in the areas of sustainable resource use and climate action.

A framework has been developed and established that will not only allow the dissemination of relevant information, but will allow the purposes of, which are to encourage and engage public participation in sustained environmental practices, to continue and strengthen.

Through the continued use of to educate, inform, and create awareness, the public will be provided with the knowledge required for a sustainable future.

The development of in its first year has been very well received. Not only have the various platforms been a success, but the brand developed around has been well received and is now being used by local authorities and stakeholders throughout the country.

Project Details:

MyWaste is an ongoing project by the Regional Waste Management
Further information
Local authority project contact
Kevin Swift
Regional Waste Coordinator
Connacht-Ulster Regional Waste Office