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Installation of EV Charging in Partnership with eir and EasyGo

Case Study:

Installation of EV Charging in Partnership with eir and EasyGo


With Eir’s Universal Service Obligation to provide public payphones ending in 2020, Eir have sought alternative ways to support public infrastructure across the country. One approach identified by Eir involves installing EV Charging Stations at former payphone kiosk sites. To achieve their goal, Eir entered into a partnership with EasyGo, the owner of Ireland’s largest eMobility Service Provider, to help provide this infrastructure and service. Through this partnership Eir and EasyGo are aiming to replace up to 180 telephone kiosks with fast EV Chargers. Partnering with local authorities is also a key requirement to the success of the project. Carlow County Council are the first local authority in the country to work with EasyGo and Eir on this EV Rapid Charger Project.


Carlow County Council entered into discussions with Eir and EasyGo in April 2021, signing an agreement in November 2021, to help deliver seven EV Chargers in County Carlow. Specifically in Carlow Town (currently 3 installed with the option of a 4th), Bagenalstown (1), Borris (1) and Tullow (1). The chargers installed are a mixture of 50kw DC (Fast Chargers) and Dual 22kw (Destination) chargers.

Speaking at the launch event, Cathaoirleach of Carlow County Council, Cllr. Fintan Phelan, said:  

“This joint initiative by eir, EasyGo and Carlow County Council to install state of the art new EV chargers is a great example of how organisations working together can improve the provision and rollout of much needed electric vehicle charging infrastructure in public areas which will be of great benefit and convenience to the public that are switching to electric vehicles while also contributing to achieving our ambitious climate action goals and targets.”

The project, from Carlow County Council’s perspective was led by their Roads Department. Significant time was initially spent deciding on the best locations for the charging bays. The Roads Department engaged with the Council’s Active Travel and Public Realm Teams as well their Municipal District Area Engineers to get their input as well as to ensure there would be no conflicts with any of their upcoming projects in potential locations.

Carlow County Council also engaged with the ESB early on in the process to help identify the best locations for establishing grid connections for these chargers as well as any specific requirements any particular location would need. While the aim of the project was to place the fast chargers at former phone kiosk locations, due to the size of the feeder pillars/cabinets required, in some cases, a different location nearby suited better. Carlow County Council really emphasise the importance of engaging with the ESB early in a project of this type to ensure the best locations are chosen.

The project team met regularly with EasyGo throughout the duration of the project including during the MapRoad Licence (MRL) process and the carrying out of the required civil works. EasyGo paid for the cost of digging up the roads as well as provided the new road markings and signage. Eir and EasyGo aim to provide this infrastructure and service at these specific phone kiosk locations at no cost to local authorities.

Benefits of Solution

Local Government
  • Outside of the time staff were involved in meetings and decision-making activities there was no additional cost to Carlow County Council
  • A potential avenue for local authorities to provide EV Charging Infrastructure for their citizens at no additional cost to them
  • Data on charging activities can be shared back with local authorities to help inform the development of future EV strategies. Real life data on charging activities can include:
    • Active Energy Consumption (monthly)
    • Time spent charging (by month)
    • Car charging instances (by month)
    • Average energy consumption (with monthly comparison)
  • Project aligns with the aims of the Department of Transport’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy 2022-2025, specifically in relation to public and private sector collaboration in delivering EV charging infrastructure
For Citizens
  • An additional six EV Fast/Destination Charging Stations are now available for people visiting or from County Carlow helping to increase confidence in people choosing to travel by electric vehicles as well as helping to decrease range anxiety. EasyGo have the option to add an additional charging station in Carlow Town to bring the number up to seven.
  • The addition of this EV charging infrastructure will assist in reaching both national Electric Vehicle usage, and carbon reduction targets.
  • It’s stated the EV Fast Charging Stations allow for up to 80% charge in 30 minutes or less. Average charge time works out at a 25 min charge will provide an additional range of approximately 150km.
  • Potential increase in footfall to local businesses while vehicles are charging

Project Details:

From initial contact between Eir and EasGo and Carlow County Council to the point where the first EV Rapid Charging Stations went live was just over a year in duration. 13 months approximately. With this being a pilot project, considerable learnings were gained through the process ensuring future projects of this type can be completed in a shorter duration.
Contact Details:
Noel Dillon, A/Senior Executive Engineer, Transportation, Carlow County Council.

For more information on the project email: