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Tier bikes

Case Study:

Electric bicycles share in several north Dublin areas

Tier bikes


The Climate Action Plan 2021 sets out targets for emission reductions in transport and the Sustainable Mobility Policy sets out a national framework for active travel and public transport to 2030. To help achieve Ireland’s targeted 51% emissions reduction by 2030, the aim is to deliver at least 500,000 additional daily active travel and public transport journeys by 2030 and a 10% reduction in the number of kilometres driven by fossil fuelled cars. 

The bicycle is the second cheapest mode of travel after walking and leads to healthier people and reduced congestion. Electric-assisted bicycles offer people a fun and practical travel option, enabling them to incorporate active commuting into their everyday lives and increasing daily and weekly physical activity, whether that be for work or leisure. Giving people the option of e-bike travel opens access to cycling further. Bike share and electric bikes (plus leisure cycling) have been recognised as significant agents in expanding the reach of cycling and the active travel shift. 


Following a tender process by Fingal County Council’s Active Travel Section, international bicycle share operator Tier were awarded the contract to provide bikes on streets in the Fingal County Council’s area.  

100 bikes were provided initially with the potential to increase to 400 depending on demand. Tier cover two areas  (initailly): Dublin 15, including Blanchardstown and Castleknock, and the combined areas made up of Swords, Malahide, Baldoyle, Portmarnock and Howth. 

The e-bikes can be picked up easily and cost €1 to unlock and €0.20 per minute. Using the TIER app, scan the code on the e-bike to unlock. E-bikes can be picked up and parked at designated bike racks and journeys must start and end within the Fingal area, all of which are shown in the TIER app.  

The e-bikes are suitable for anyone over the age of 16 and note that a credit or debit card is required to sign up for the service.  

Benefits of Solution: 

E-bikes offer battery power to help people along your journey and the provision of e-bikes will encourage more people to active travel. With up to 80km battery life, TIER e-bikes are ideal for longer journeys or trips where the battery power kicks in to assist with speeds of up to 25kph.  

The shift to active travel and in this case E-bikes help reduce carbon emissions from transport, make longer cycle journeys more accessible and health benefits to the cyclist as well as the environment. 

Project Details: